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The Abaçaí Culture and art is a Social organization of culture background. It has its own history identified through inclusive and diverse cultural actions, who value the art and culture of the Brazilian people in its various aspects. On its journey of 41 years-old, it has facilitated the citizens ' access to art and culture of the State of São Paulo, offering them conditions of expression, as well as taking shows to every corner of the State. 

The Abaçaí performs the following programs: "Paulista Cultural Map", "Revelando São Paulo", "4 Festivals of Brazilian Popular Music", "Festivals of Genres and Ethnicities", "Project São Paulo My School" and advice for actions of the Universe of Hip Hop. 

The Abaçaí also plays the important mission of service to municipalities in the State of São Paulo as the demands relating to the culture, as well as performs, next to Secretary of State for Culture, the Meeting of Leaders of Culture of the State of São Paulo, occasion where plans are presented and paths to cultural policy in the municipalities of São Paulo. 

Mapa Cultural Paulista / Cultural Map

Created in 1995, aims to promote the cultural productions of the interior, revealing values in segments that do not have access to the media and with poor visibility in the cultural environment.

During the event, artists were selected from 13 administrative regions of the State Government to participate in cultural activities divided into four stages. In all of them artists who have excelled they presented their work first in the county of origin, after the region where they live. The State phase, showed up in Capital and in the end, every artistic expression, in its way, circulated its production by the state. Visual Arts, Choir, Dance, Literature, Instrumental Music, theater and video are artistic expressions included in this program, which together reveal the cultural mapping of São Paulo

Revelando São Paulo / Revealing São Paulo

The program Revealing São Paulo was created in 1996 by Abaçaí Culture and Art, in partnership with the Government of the State of São Paulo.

Always facing the Traditional Culture of the State of São Paulo (Intangible Heritage) is an articulator and promoter of actions and cultural policies throughout the state, involving research, institutional relations, and contacts with the various communities, dialogues and partnerships with cultural leaders municipalities and private institutions of cultural and / or educational.

Through its research and partners, this program reveals the importance of intangible culture, knowledge and practices of various communities and people in the region, seeking to contribute to the maintenance and extroversion, involving various levels of municipal and state governments to that ensure the conditions necessary for its continuity.

Atendimento aos Municipios / Serving municipalities

The objective of this program is to provide support for holding cultural activities in the municipalities of São Paulo, pre -determined by the Secretary of State for Culture , regarding the events in eminently cultural character of diffusion.

Compliance with this program takes place in conjunction with the Technical Assistance of the Ministry of Culture, which fulfills duties provided for each government office , in our case, the culture . Develops over the four quarters , establishing partnerships with institutions or municipal cultural agencies, nonprofit organizations or artists, to develop actions in any city located .

This year 2014 we serve a significant number of applicants 235 municipalities , with a total participation of 2,936 professionals, with 4121 enrolled for training activities , and an audience of 684,312 people.

Abaçaí Cultura e Arte, Organização Social de Cultura 
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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brasil 
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